About the Program

You can join us by using any of the methods below:
1. Click the blue “Join Now” button on the Home Page; or
2. Click the “Pricing” link at the top of this page

Then complete the Secure Payment Form using using your Credit Card.
Your account will be instantly activated and you can begin your Course immediately.

The Subscription for the Fundamentals Program costs just $USD29.99 per month and is automatically billed to your credit card.  Please ensure you have sufficient funds before the monthly billing date.

Using our Secure Payment system, we currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club Credit cards.

You will receive full access to Videos, Podcasts and More from some of the world’s leaders in autism recovery providers.  Plus access to unlimited Messaging and Friends using our built in Social Network.  Share and Learn with other members from all over the world.

The Subscription is ongoing and renewed every month until you decide to cancel.  As a Susbcriber you will receive:
> Full Access to the Fundamentals Program
> Monthly Podcasts
> Full Access to our Global Community and Social Network
> Bonus Content and More

Cancellations are processed by completing the contact form on the Contact page.

If your subscription is NOT active, it is generally due to a payment issue.  If your subscription has been operating as normal and recently changed to NOT ACTIVE, it means a payment failed.  Don’t worry our system will retry automatically after a few days and restart your Subscription.

You will receive an email from us.  Our system will retry your card automatically in a few days.

We take security very seriously. We go above and beyond accepted industry standards to ensure your data is safe.
We use the following systems in our overall security plan:
1. Global Secure Amazon Web Data Centres
2. Dedicated Servers and Database Servers (No Shared Hardware)
3. Valid Comodo SSL Certificates
4. Pen and Malware Testing
5. Login Protection
6. Port Blocking
7. Brute Force Protection and much more!

You can update your Credit Card by clicking on My Subscriptions and then clicking on the Update link.

Absolutely!  If you would like to purchase this program for someone else, please follow the process below:

  1. Click on the Join Now Button
  2. Enter the Recipients Email address and Name Details in the payment form
  3. Enter YOUR Credit Card details and Complete the process.
  4. The Recipient will now receive Login Details and can start the program
  5. Done!

Website Requirements

Although our system has been designed to operate on most devices such as mobiles and desktop, we recommend viewing the content on a Desktop PC or Notebook PC.

We recommend using Google Chrome or Safari as your browser for the best experience.

We have designed the service to function on slow or inconsistent Internet connections. However in order to optimize your viewing experience we suggest a minimum BroadBand Internet connection speed of 2Mbps or faster. Faster connections will provide faster video load times.

You can check your Internet Speed by clicking here.

Once you have registered and paid via the payment form, simply click the login button at the top right hand corner of the screen to access your Account and Course.

Please note, the system will Log you out after sometime.  So when you try to access your Course or Videos, you will receive an error.  Please ensure you are logged in to access protected content such as your Course and Course Videos.

No, you do not need to log out, as the system will automatically log out after a period of time. However, you can log out on your own accord, by clicking on the log out button.

If you do forget your password you will be able to retrieve it by clicking on the forgot password link. You will find this link on the main login page. You can display the page by clicking on the  login button.

The system is automatically designed to ensure users do not share login information.  This is to protect our content and ensure users receive maximum value.  Please do not share your login information as your account may be locked

Videos in the lessons may take a few seconds to display on initial loading of the page. This is normal. However, you can accelerate this process if you have a fast Internet connection or a stable Wi-Fi connection.

If you have a spinning wheel or buffering wheel on your video.  Ensure your internet connection is active and stable.  Then reload the web page on your browser.

The reload button should look
like this:

Some old browsers or iPads may also have issues displaying videos correctly.
We suggest you try a Desktop or Notebook PC instead.

We strive to serve at least 90% of Videos without issues. 
You can check your Internet Speed by clicking here.

No unfortunately videos cannot be downloaded or saved We have enabled a video copy protection system.

You may occasionally come across some errors when using this Online service.  Since this is a paid service, you will need to ensure you have a Paid subscription and you are logged in.

Please ensure you ARE logged in.

If you are still experiencing issues, then please follow the process below:

1. Close your browser on Desktop or Mobile
2. Restart your Desktop or Mobile
3. Visit www.healingautismacademy.com
4. Login using your email and password
5. You should be able to access your Course and the all features again

If you continue to experience problems, please take a screenshot of the issue and send to us via the Contact form.

Course Related Help

The course is structured on a month by month basis. While you are completing the Fundamentals Program a new lesson will be unlocked each month. In each lesson you may find multiple topics. During that month, the system will automatically navigate you through the first topic, then navigate to the next topic video and so on until you reach the final topic video for that month. Once you have completed reviewing all the videos in monthly lesson you can mark the lesson complete.

The course and learning content is delivered via Videos, Podcasts and downloadable documents. You can also learn and share with other members of the academy by connecting and messaging them directly.

During a video or topic you can skip ahead and you can also rewind and pause the video. You can also return back to previous topic or move forward to a new topic by using the arrows in each Lesson

or Topic.

Once you have watched all the videos and topics with in a particular lesson you will be brought back to the lesson summary page where you will also find a Mark Complete button. When you feel you have consumed all the information in that lesson and you are ready to move on, click on the Mark Complete button.

Once you have completed reviewing all the videos in monthly lesson you can mark the lesson complete.

Once you have complete all 12 months of the course and marked all lessons complete, a PRINT CERTIFICATE button will be displayed.

At the beginning of every lesson, you will notice we have included a Notepad system.  This will allow you to make notes after you have watched your vides and save them to your account.
The Notepad is simple to use:

  1. Click on the Take Notes button at the bottom right of the main lesson page:
  2. The Notepad window will pop up as below:
  3. You can click on the edges of the Notepad window to resize the window. Or grab the top of the Notepad window to drag the position of the Notepad to another area on the screen.
  4. Click the Save button to save the notes to your account.
  5. Click on the X button at the top right, to close the Notepad.
  6. Click on the View All notes Button to view all your Saved Notes.
  7. You can also Print your Notes or Download your notes by clicking on the Printer and Document icons.

PLEASE NOTE, the Notepad system is only available for Desktop users.  NOT on mobile.

Exclusive Academy Social Network

Being part of our social network allows you to share and learn from other members of the Academy around the world.  You can do this by clicking on the members page and searching via country or you can search via name. The next step is to add them as a friend or message them directly and start a conversation.

Many families around the world share the same questions, fears and hope that you do.  The benefits of adding and sharing with other members is immense.  You never feel alone as you forge new relationships, hold each other accountable and help each other on your recovery journey.

Simply click on the Member and send a Private Message.

To add a member as a friend, simply click on the add friend button or search for them in the member listing page

It’s also a great idea to update your profile photo or cover photo, simply by clicking on the my profile tab and editing your profile.

Our Social Network delivers two types of notifications:

  1. Notification of a new private message or
  2. New friendship request

You can click on the Bell icon to review any notifications you have.

Our Social Network also allows Private Messaging between course members.  When you see a red number in your envelope icon, it means you have a new Private Message.  Click on the envelope to review your new messages.